Managing anxiety is a part of life for too many people. In this interview, I talk about how we should be focusing on connection and not control. In light of the pandemic, this is more important than ever.

Ticker News recently interviewed me, where I had the chance to tell the world that the way to peace and happiness, and a life free from anxiety, is through connection, not control.

Watch the interview:

We all experience anxiety at some point in our lives. It can be debilitating and make life feel like an unending cycle of worrying about what happens next, but there is hope for those who want more than to just manage anxiety and get control over their feelings: connection with yourself will help break this pattern.

The pandemic has made us realize how important it really is to not try to control your emotions – emotions are a healthy part of life, and they need nurturing too.

We live in an age where anxiety has become normal.

The demands of life are ever increasing and the speed at which it moves is almost too fast for us to handle.

Do you feel like you’re living on edge and it’s getting harder and harder to manage anxiety?

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, fearful or just uncomfortable most of the time? Do flu-like symptoms seem to come and go without a reason? If so, it could be that you’re suffering from anxiety and the good news is, help is available.

Anxiety is an emotion that helps us survive in threatening situations, but if we’re living our lives constantly feeling like there’s danger, then our anxiety can start to feel more like a constant dread.

For example, you might start to feel anxious when you walk into a party if your previous experience has shown you that parties are scary.

But, if we’re constantly trying to control our anxiety it only perpetuates the feelings of fear and dread because there’s nothing threatening us at all!

On the other hand, connection with others makes us feel safe, like we’re part of a tribe and we’re not alone.

I talked about how we should be focusing on connection and not control when it comes to managing anxiety after the pandemic; I busted the myth that we need to get control of our anxieties. Control is a big lie that has never led anyone towards peace or happiness instead, just perpetuates anxiety as an everyday part-of life for too many people.

So, how do we take that feeling of control and use it to our advantage to manage anxiety?

I suggest that you do this through meditation. My Grounding meditation is a good place to start.

Meditation gives us the chance to take a step back and re-evaluate our lives, as well as work out what we actually want from life.

It doesn’t have to be for hours on end either; even 5 minutes can help to calm those nerves and bring you some clarity, which in turn can help with anxiety. I recommend that you start with 5 minutes per day and work your way up from there.

Remember, connection is the key to a peaceful life not control so go within, let go of perfection and  let yourself be free.