The amygdala part of your brain is affected by anxiety disorders – this is your fight or flight reflex – the place where you feel your emotions.

When your amygdala is in overdrive, you’ll experience emotional symptoms such as worrying about stupid little things,  overthinking, and even depression. Here’s how to bring your brain back from amygdala hijack and regain your cool composure.

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The amygdala is located quite deep down in your brain, sort of down towards the bottom and it’s deep inside, it’s in the prehistoric sort of area of your brain. This part of the brain is affected by anxiety disorders.

It’s one of the first parts of the human brain to evolve and develop and therefore, its function is also quite primeval and primal in its function. 

Every animal, every being has got an amygdala and the amygdala, quite simply, its job is to control the fear response.

So, the fight or flight response is all the job of the amygdala in your brain.

Now, I just want to say that just because the amygdala is what causes anxiety doesn’t mean that is’ a bad thing.

The amygdala part of the brain is affected by anxiety disorders, and it has a very important job in that it keeps us safe and it stops us from doing silly, stupid things. 

It contains the memory of fear so it means that if something’s given you a fear response before, you know just to approach it with a little more caution in the future.

Where it becomes a problem is when the amygdala kind of hijacks your life and that’s when anxiety disorder comes into play.

So, to be able to get anxiety under control, you also kind of need to be able to hack into your amygdala and be able to calm down when it’s going a little bit out of control for you.

So, because the part of your brain that the amygdala sits in is very prehistoric and very reptilian and very basic and because the job of your amygdala is also quite basic, I’m going to get very basic in today’s video.

So, three steps that you can take to gain control of your amygdala and really tame it and just make sure it’s not the one that’s controlling you in your life.

Step 1: Acceptance, not resistance

So the first step is accepting. You’ve got to accept that your amygdala part of the brain is affected by anxiety disorders. We all have one.

We all have an amygdala in our brain, it’s one of the very basic building blocks of our brain and it’s there to perform a very important function as I said before.

We all have one, we all need one and thank God we all have one. It keeps us safe.

So, just accepting that it’s there, accepting that when anxiety comes up again that it’s your amygdala doing its job.

Trying to keep you as safe as it can, really, really does help towards knowing that it’s not something to be frustrated about, it’s not something to get angry about, it’s not something to worry about.

It’s there, it’s going to do its job and you’re able to get in there and bring its control down a little bit but at the end of the day, you can’t get rid of the fear response altogether.

So, rather than resisting the amygdala, rather than trying to fight the fear response, you may as well jump in there with full acceptance because it’s there anyway.

It’s going to be there whether you fight it, it’s going to be there whether you struggle with it, or it’s going to be there whether you accept and surrender to it.

So you may as well surrender to it and drop the fear response and just relax every muscle in your body and allow it to be there.

Which part of the brain is affected by anxiety disorders? Tame your amygdala by accepting, grounding and surrounding yourself with white light.

Step 2: Ground your energy

Just make sure that you stay really grounded. Grounding is one of the first exercises that I teach every client that comes to mefor energy healing for anxiety.

Basically grounding just means bringing yourself into alignment and connecting your energy with the core of the earth, it just brings all of your energy back to you rather than having it floating around in the cosmos like space junk.

It allows you to just bring it all into one place and connect it with the core of the earth, it’s a very anchoring thing to do.

Grounding helps you to isolate which part of the brain is affected by anxiety disorders, and calm it.

So, to ground yourself, I actually have a free grounding meditation which you can download and listen to, that will teach you how to do this. Grounding will allow you to become more fully in your body and more fully anchored in yourself.

This really does help to tame your amygdala and tame the fear response in your life.

Step 3: Surround yourself with white light

White light is the second exercise that I teach anyone that comes to me for help with anxiety in their lives.

This simply involved putting yourself, in your mind’s eye, inside a bubble of white light.

White light is pure healing energy, it’s pure goodness and when you consciously put yourself within that wonderful universal healing energy, magic happens.

The white light soaks into your cells and into your energy field and it does an amazing job to bring everything back into alignment.

Part of the brain is affected by anxiety disorders, and white light also really helps to soothe and protect your amygdala.

It allows your body the space and the energy that it needs to really bring yourself back into the present and to bring yourself out of anxiety.

The present moment, here and now, is where everything happens.

So, healing always happens now.

It doesn’t happen in the future, it doesn’t happen in the past, it always is about where you are right now because now is where you have the power.

Now is where you can make decisions that will affect your life going forward and that’s an amazingly wonderful, empowering thing.

So, white light really insulates you within the healing energy and keeps you safe and calm and protected.

My free white light protection meditation is great for you to listen to as I guide you through the steps to put yourself in the bubble of white light and really feel the benefits of energy protection.

You can learn how to tame your amygdala. You can do it, it’s absolutely doable, you are the one who is in the driver’s seat here.

You’re the one who has the power to ensure that anxiety doesn’t control your life. You’re the one who’s in charge.

Love + light

Eva xo