Anxiety at night seems to magnify all of the symptoms of anxiety. For me, my anxiety tingling and anxiety chest pain became almost unbearable at night.

Whether your anxiety disorder is causing you nightmares, or if you are simply looking for ways to reduce anxiety at nightarming yourself with knowledge about anxiety relief techniques will absolutely help you.

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Anxiety at night comes up way too often with my clients. This article will explain from an energy healing perspective why that is and why anxiety always seems to be worse at night than what it is during the light of day.

Everything in this world is created in balance

There is dark and there is light.  There is positive and there is negative.  There’s night and there’s day.  So, during the daytime, that’s full go light and it’s full of energy and your thoughts are focused outward and you have a job to go to, you have kids to look after, you have errands to run, there’s something to do.

Your energy is focused outwards

And if you were to look outside your window, you would be able to see the world outside.  You would be able to see far further than what you could at night.  The reason for that is at night time, it’s dark.  So, your energies are focused very much inwards.

Your thoughts turn in towards yourself

You’re not thinking about everything on a broader level, things generally do tend to slow down, your body slows down, your body prepares to rest for the night. Your brain releases melatonin. This is a biological response and as a result of that, your thoughts turn inwards and you’re thinking very much about yourself and about problems that perhaps you, during the day don’t seem as bad as what they are at night time. Your anxiety at night feels worse.

So my main takeaway point is this:

If your anxiety is getting worse at night, the main point is to just know and understand that no matter how hard it is for you now and no matter how badly you’re feeling now and how uncomfortable you’re feeling day, in the light of day, it absolutely will feel much better than what it does right now.

And even if your anxiety at night is so bad…

I guarantee you that you will feel better absolutely 100% in the morning. During the night, if you get your rest, your rhythms will reset and you wake up in the morning when the sun is shining and you’re ready to focus your thoughts outwards again and your anxiety won’t seem as bad as what it does right now.

Why is my anxiety at night so bad?