It’s normal to ask – Can energy healing help YOUR anxiety? Your anxiety feels so terrifying and unique and isolating – and I know that most people are slightly skeptical when researching whether reiki really works for anxiety.

So  I understand why you’re hesitating, my Butterfly. But believe me when I say – this decision is worth your thought.

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I mean, energy healing sounds so intangible, doesn’t it.

How can a woman, on the other side of the world, help you at all by simply sitting there with some crystals and chanting your name a few times?

HOW will that ever help you?

And I know that you’re sitting there, reading this and thinking:

“If only you knew how terrible I feel, 99% of the time. If only you knew the feeling of intense dread, the worrying, the intrusive thoughts, the obsessions that come and steal my mind away from me.

If only you knew how I can’t think straight, how it is affecting my job, my relationship, my ability to function properly as a mother.

If only you knew what a torture I feel each and every time my anxiety is challenged – I am completely at the mercy of this world and savage beast, and I will NEVER be 100% on control of my own life.

Oh yes, I have good days. Good weeks, even.

But something always ultimately pops up from somewhere, usually out of the blue, that whips me around and dumps me on my sorry ass again.

I look back at how far I come, but then I look forward again and see how far I have to go.

How will some incense, candles, tarot cards and Tibetan singing bowls help me a JOT when I am imprisoned inside my mind?”

Well, let me tell you, Butterfly: Energy is an interesting thing.

Most people can’t see it. But they can feel it.

And everything in this Universe is made of it.

And science has proven, that if you look at the cells of a human, the cells of a leaf and the cells of stardust under a high-enough powered microscope, that these cells are ALL IDENTICAL.


This even goes for the stuff we cannot see, such as our thoughts.

I know you have probably heard the whole “Thoughts become things” thing.

But it’s about more than that. Thoughts carry energy with them.

Thoughts can be strong and weak, fast and slow.

They are directed consciousness.

And your mind and body are so clever, so intelligent, that you pick up on these signals of directed consciousness every single day of you life.

Most of the time, you don’t process the energy of a thought consciously.

It’s all done subconsciously, and through your energy field.

But there are times that, yes, you can have “psychic” moments or weird coincidences.

Most of the time, your aura just processes the energy and your mind doesn’t need to get involved.

So here’s the thing: If you are processing the energy of thousands of thoughts every single day without even knowing it, imagine what a gigantic ball of love and light directed at your energy would do for you.

In my work as an energy healer, most of the healing takes at least a few days to integrate.

By “integrate”, I mean for the energy to be processed and accepted and settled into the aura of my client.

So, after the initial processing of the new information, my clients will report feeling lighter.

Like a weight has been lifted.

Situations have shifted. Suddenly, situations that seemed hopeless have almost miraculous turnarounds.

Clarity. A lot of my clients report being able to see where previously they felt like they were in a fog or haze.

So yes, my work is subtle. No – it isn’t magic.

And the results will depend on how committed you are to the process. If you want to sit back and “be healed” and expect instant miracles without ANY effort on your behalf, then I’m sorry to say you will be disappointed.

However, if you approach your healing with curiosity – open to a new experience and hopeful that by shifting your energetic blocks you will create more room in your life for positive new energy – then miraculous things have, and indeed WILL occur.

Love + light

Eva xo

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