Q: I’m getting chest and neck zaps. Sometimes I get these jolts or zaps in the same area of my chest that also radiate up my neck.

It has caused much fear and even though I have had many tests by a cardiologist, they scare the heck out of me.

I try to tell myself it’s just a pinched nerve or muscular, but the fear sets in and anxiety shoots through the roof. Sometimes it feels like the zap extends out and begins to run an electric current through my body.

I am a healthy eater but now am scared to elevate my heart rate. It feels like my anxiety is becoming so extreme, it’s causing neurological symptoms like zaps, numbness and tingling. A vicious cycle. Any advice?

– Amber, Utah

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Eva’s response: Hey Amber! Thanks for your question.

The reason why you feel like it’s a zap, is because it is! The human body is made up of hundreds and thousands of electrical impulses.

It’s how our brain speaks to our body, and how our cells communicate with one another. Most of the time, you can’t feel them.

Now – anxiety causes your body and nervous system to become ultra-sensitized. So guess what – a message goes to the area of your body that is extra sensitive (in this case, your jaw, neck and chest) and you feel it like a zap in your body.

Let’s just delve into why you would be experiencing pain in these areas:

The chest is to do with your heart chakra, and following your heart. Things like relationship breakups can impact this area.

Heart palpitations mean that this chakra is working extra-hard to process all of the emotions that are running through your veins.

Neck issues are related to your throat chakra, which is all about expression. What are you being rigid about? What are you holding back on saying because it might make waves amongst family and/or friends?

Jaw issues are do do with “chewing things over”. I feel that you are processing some issues that need to be expressed.

So in summary, there’s a whole bunch of emotional issues that are cycling around and around in your energy field. These issues are wearing a groove, which means they are STUCK.

You need to get them out. Which brings me to my next point.

The reason why you feel you can’t elevate your heart rate is the reason you MUST. I feel that vigorous exercise will do you absolute wonders in this case. It will shake out those zaps and reset your electrical circuitry.

AND, by making your body work, the issues will process organically. I don’t feel that you need to make a dramatic show of expressing yourself. It will all come out when the time is right.

Love & light
Eva xo

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