I’m getting anxiety zaps in my body that shock and sting me.

The pain is sharp like someone is stabbing me with a pin.

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What do anxiety zaps in my body mean?

I read your column on chest and neck zaps and it was really interesting and useful.

I like how you linked the area of the body to different emotional areas. It made a lot of sense to me.

I am getting these zaps in my whole body – hands, feet, arms, legs, torso – I even feel them in my brain sometimes.

It’s worse when I’m at work or doing errands and feels better when I’m relaxing at home (I still get the zaps, they just aren’t as bad).

I’d like to get your take on what anxiety zaps in my body means emotionally?


Eva’s response: Hey Pam, thanks for the question!

As you’d be aware, the zaps in your body are an anxiety response.

When your mind and body become fatigued from excess stress (think busy lifestyle, less-than-ideal diet, not enough sleep) your body begins to throw weird symptoms as a warning sign to slow down.

You mention in your letter that there are less anxiety zaps in your body when you are relaxed, which supports this view.

Emotionally, your body is literally zapping you as a wake-up call to slow down and put yourself first!

So here’s what I recommend:

Mentally: Do whatever you can to lower your stress levels.

This may mean cutting back on activities for others and spending that time on yourself.

Manage your time by keeping a diary.

I find diaries useful because writing things down means there is less mental load for me to remember everything.

Physically: Diet and exercise are key here.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink lots of filtered, room-temperature water.

A warm bath with magnesium salts in the evening will help you to wind down at the end of the day and prepare for sleep.

Aim for at least 6 hours of sleep a night. 8 is optimum.

For exercise, I recommend vigorous exercise with weights. Look up HIIT videos on YouTube.

It seems counter-intuitive to push a tired body, but that’s what it needs to break the zap-cycle.

Energetically: The above mental and physical tips will also help your energy body.

I understand that my recommendations to relieve anxiety zaps in your body will involve a lot of lifestyle change so go slowly – implementing 1 thing at a time and building on it.

Start by drinking more water, for example, then move on to saying no to people when you need.

The 1 extra thing I’d recommend from an energetic perspective would be to meditate.

I have a free Neurological symptoms of anxiety meditation which will be very helpful for you.

Do you have an anxiety question that you’d like an energy healer’s take on? Contact me now.

Affirmation for anxiety zaps in your body: It is safe to slow down and put myself first.