Is there a natural treatment for excessive sweating caused by anxiety?

Q: Hi Eva, Is there a natural treatment for excessive sweating caused by anxiety? I sweat so badly – I sweat through layers of light natural fabrics and it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether it’s hot or cold – I’m sweating.

I have definitely noticed that it’s worse when I’m at work. It’s like walking into work flips a switch in my armpits, palms of my hands and forehead and I just sweat constantly.

My work colleagues comment on it – they are super lovely about it but my manager is getting concerned, thinking that I’m getting too stressed and that my job is not good for my health.

I know that there are medications out there to prevent sweating, but I’d prefer to avoid them.

Do you know of any natural treatment for excessive sweating that I can take while I work?

It’s so embarrassing, it’s affecting my confidence and I feel like it’s affecting peoples’ confidence in me.

Eva’s response: Hey Peta, I totally understand your search for a natural treatment for excessive sweating. What you’re going through sounds annoying, embarrassing and confidence-eroding.

Although I have never suffered hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) myself, I have treated a lot of clients who have experienced this anxiety symptom, so I will recall my experience in working with them in my answer to you.

The first suggestion that comes to me is to drink more water. This is the answer when I intuitively asked my guidance “what does Peta need to know?” Ensure that you are well-hydrated. Water is very grounding as well, which brings me to my next point…

Second – grounding your energy is very important. When excessive sweating is triggered by anxiety, it’s due to a subconscious reaction as part of your fight-or-flight system. You might feel that because it’s subconscious, that there’s not much you can do about it. But on an energetic level, there is. Listen to my free grounding meditation regularly – like at least twice a day. You will feel the grounding impact instantly, but you will notice the impact on your sweating levels slowly over about 2 weeks, if you keep doing the meditation regularly. It takes 3 minutes maximum.

Third – Many people sweat excessively while they are having a panic attack. Even though you might not be aware that you’re panicking, your body can have a subconscious fight/flight response that is the same as a panic attack, it’s just you’re not aware of it.

When you’re panicking, it’s like your energy is sucked into a vortex of chaos and it can be really hard to fight your way out of it until the panic subsides. So I suggest that you completely relax into the panic, let it was over and don’t try to fight the panic at all. Just float with it. I know it sounds like a crazy suggestion, but it really works to help the panic subside. I have a free panic attack meditation that you can listen to during your panic attack, which works to give you back control over our energy.

I hope these tips help you, Peta!

Love + light

Eva xo


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