Naturally fix anxiety with these 3 key steps to bring back the peace, happiness and contentment in your life.

I want to answer a question today that I do get asked a fair bit in my work and that is whether it is actually possible to heal anxiety naturally.

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Of course, I’m going to say yes – it is possible to naturally fix anxiety.

I’m an energy healer and I help women heal anxiety in their lives through reiki.

I have seen energy healing work time and time again to pull women out of the rut of anxiety and to integrate their energy and to bring them into a life of happiness and peacefulness.

I’ve seen it so many times, it’s worked for me and I have other useful natural tips that I give away for free and that really do help others to heal anxiety from their lives.

So, yes, I say it’s absolutely possible to naturally heal anxiety in your life.

But of course, what’s going to work for you is going to be different to what works for someone else and I think it’s really important that you bring together a treatment profile that really works for you in your individuality.

Energy healing might be part of that or it might not – it’s really up to the individual.

When you’re wanting to naturally fix anxiety, there are three things that you really do need to do.

Step 1: Accept “What is”

You need to accept that your anxiety is here, it’s part of your life, it’s a behavioral pattern and an energetic pattern that is part of your life and it’s brought you to where you are now.

Fully accepting anxiety for what it is and how it is without trying to fight it is so important when you want to naturally fix anxiety in your life.

Unfortunately, there are people that, for whatever reason, just don’t seem to be able to come into acceptance of anxiety as something that is part of their lives.

They don’t have the patience to come into full acceptance of anxiety – and acceptance is the first step, acceptance of where you are and kind of forgiving yourself is really important so that you can say, “Okay, from this point forward, I’m taking control.”

So, acceptance is letting go of the need to control, letting go of the need to fight.

Acceptance is fully relaxing all the muscles in your body and just really letting yourself float in the moment, here and now, and accepting every anxiety symptom as it comes without trying to fight it, without trying to engage with it and without trying to push it away.

How to naturally fix anxiety: The ability to re-anchor and reconnect with your intution is the thing that heals anxiety.

Step 2: Naturally fix anxiety by connecting with your intuition

This is a big one and I’m probably going quite ‘big picture’ here in this particular blog because I want to really encompass what natural healing for anxiety is all about.

Anxiety happens when misaligned signals that originate from you yourself – but are presented to you from the world around you – throw you into chaos.

So it’s when things just happen again and again and the stress builds up and the angst builds up and the unhappiness and anger and all of that just kind of comes in after the other and after the other and you feel super out of control and off-track.

And the way to heal that is to reconnect you and you reconnect not only through grounding but you also reconnect with your intuition, with your deepest self, with the real you that’s beyond your body that’s beyond your mind that’s beyond your thoughts.

This ability to re-anchor and reconnect with your intuition is the thing that heals anxiety.

So many of my clients tell me that they wouldn’t know how to listen to their intuition, or they listen to their intuition and that it was wrong or somehow, they mishear their intuition or they feel torn between their head and their heart.

It’s the reintegration of you and your intuition that is the healing of anxiety in your life because once you’re integrated with your intuition again, there’s no need for ego.

You have that certainty back again and you have the confidence to know that you can handle anything that happens in your life without the need to try and control it.

Step 3: Make choices and take action in alignment with your intuition

By gaining confidence in your intuition, and allowing your intuition to make the choices that need to be made, and having the courage to take action in alignment with your intuition – you will naturally fix anxiety.

This is so important and it takes time.

Building trust takes time. It doesn’t matter whether you need to build trust with another person or yourself or your own intuition – building trust takes time.

So, you can be connected with your intuition, you can hear what your intuition is saying to you but that doesn’t mean that you’re always going to act in alignment with your intuition.

By making sure your actions and your choices do align with your intuition, it really reinforces the connection that you have, that brings you the peaceful happiness you’ve been searching for.

I know that this sounds really big picture and I know that it sounds probably unattainable for you right now, sitting there with anxiety ruling your life but these are the big steps.

There are many little steps that you can take in-between, which will take you from where you are now (which is an anxious wreck, let’s face it) to where you want to be – which is fully connected and living a life of peace, happiness, contentment and fulfillment.

And doing that, you really need to reconnect with your intuition and then with your life in alignment with your intuition.

I have a Grounding meditation that will take you through what you need to do to bring your energy back into your body and connect it with the core of the earth.

Grounding is one of the very, very basic concepts and the first real energy healing exercise that I teach anyone that comes to see me for energy healing for anxiety.

Grounding teaches you to anchor your energy, energy that’s being scattered and flailing around the place for so long.

It helps you to bring it all together and to really focus it into one place and that is so useful and helpful when you’re starting out on this path of reconnecting with your intuition and starting to live your life in alignment with your intuition.

Love + light,


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