Today I want to share with you my top three self help techniques for panic attacks. Panic attacks are so common amongst women with anxiety. They absolutely hijack your ability to live a peaceful, calm, and free life. When they’re out of control, people can experience six, seven, eight panic attacks a day.

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 Everyone has experienced anxiety at some point in their lives. We all feel anxious from time to time whether it’s a small bout of nervousness before giving a presentation or you’re terrified to leave your house due to intense fear. For those that experience panic attacks and severe feelings of anxiety frequently, there are many different ways that you can help yourself cope with these feelings and bring them down to more manageable levels.

Self help techniques for panic attacks from a Real Sufferer

 I myself have experienced a panic attack which went on for about six weeks, non-stop.

Some parts of my panic attack were worse than others but it’s six weeks of pretty much just non-stop panic.

I think I panicked in my sleep and I panicked when awake. I remember one day I got on a train to go to work. This was about 20 years ago now. When I boarded the train, I noticed someone staring at me. I’m not sure what the problem was with this person. Though I didn’t tell her, the very act of making eye contact with her was enough to drive me into a full-blown panic attack. I had to get off the train at the next station.  During my panic attack, I actually ran to and vomited in the bin. I just felt really horrible and bewildered and out of control. I had to just stay there on the train platform trying to catch my breath, stop my heart from pounding out of my chest, and stop the dizziness from trying to derail me. Then I simply waited for everything to calm down. I took deep breaths and tried not to look like I was freaking out as I waited for the next train. It didn’t have to be that way though.

It was the same train trip that I had taken to work every day for the previous two years. There was nothing exceptional about this day. I wasn’t experiencing any out of the usual type of stress now. This was my first job out of university. I was learning a lot about life, about my job, and the career that I was in. My life was fairly stressful just because I was living out of home but I wasn’t under any unusual amount of stress like things were extra busy at work or things were bad at home or anything like that.

I had a massive panic attack when I just got on the train and locked eyes with a random person, a stranger. Looking back on it, it was awful and completely unnecessary – not that I carry guilt about it, it was just the way that my body and my energy were reacting to my life at the time.

So if I’d known then what I’m about to teach you now, I would have been able to get control of my panic attacks a lot sooner. My life would have just been so much easier. Imagine that, imagine a life where you can just get on the train. Get to work and go about your day and not have to worry about a panic attack.

 3 Tips to Stop Panic Attacks

I have got three self help techniques for panic attacks to teach you on how to calm and center and be at peace with yourself when you’re having anxiety attacks.

 Now, these steps are the same tips that I give for anyone who’s starting out in anxiety treatment with me through energy healing for anxiety.

You can also recommend these steps when helping someone you love deal with panic attacks.

Step 1: Ground Yourself

 Ground your energy. The way I teach grounding is more energy healing based so it involves color work.

So imagine a white ball of light above your head. Bring it through the crown chakra, into your brow chakra, throat, heart solar plexus chakra above your belly button down into your pelvic region, which is your sacral chakra.

Bring it further down in between your legs, the base of your spine, which is your base chakra.

Drag that light down into your legs and into the soles of your feet. Then they become like tree roots as they come out of the bottom of your feet.

They go down into the ground, into the earth, down past all the layers of the earth to connect with the core of the earth.

You really can feel when you’ve grounded your energy and you’ve connected with the core of the earth.

So, I recommend that within the moment you realize you’re in a panic attack, just imagine that ball of white light coming in through all your chakras. You need to continue bringing that light down in to connect with the core of the earth. That’s how you get grounded.


Step 2: Reconnect Your Energy

Think of life and think about how busy it is. Think about all the roles that you play.

I think of myself as a wife, a mother, an energy healer, a daughter, and a friend. I play all these roles in my life and and all of the people that I deal with.

They bring in their stories. Things that happen in life can become quite distracting. A lot of people see that as their life. Life is just a series of happenings (a series of going ons, what happens around them) when in fact, that’s not true at all! That stuff is a distraction.

Where life happens is within you, within yourself, so you need to refine yourself and connect with yourself.

You do that by just feeling in your body where you find that spark of yourself, where you find that essence of yourself. I often think of it as a flame.

Close your eyes and think about where you are in your body, where’s the true you, the real you.

So for me, it’s more often in my heart chakra. I am a very hearty person. As for you, you find where you are, and then once you’ve found yourself, connecting with yourself is quite easy, and just breathe.

You’ll realize that what’s going on out there – all the various dramas and the various stories and all the stresses that are happening in your life, no longer distract you when your attention is turned within. They still happen, but you’re not as connected to them. They are not as much of a part of you who you are and they don’t bother you as much.

You’ll find that will lessen your panic attacks. It might take some time. It might take a couple of weeks of sustainably grounding yourself and reconnecting with yourself to really get the benefit of being able to switch off from all of that external chatters that go on with life and reconnect with yourself but when you do, there’ll be a lot fewer freak-outs, a lot fewer panic attacks and anxiety attacks to worry about. I promise!


Step 3: Guided Meditation

Guided meditations have been proven to be very effective for helping people calm down. The process OF guided meditation creates space between yourself and the condition that is troubling you. Guided meditations are also perfect for people who are looking for ways to incorporate meditation into their daily routines while still allowing them the freedom to sit in any position.

I have a free panic self-help meditation that you can listen to during a panic attack. You’ll hear my voice accompanied by very gentle background music. I count down from 20 to 1 and in that period of time, your anxiety attack reaches its peak. After you’re through that countdown, the panic attack doesn’t come back. It’s happened.

It’s a really useful tool to take your focus away from “I’m out of control. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what I’m doing” to focusing it on a task counting down from 20 to 1. Most importantly, give it energetic boundaries so that your panic attack knows who’s the boss.

It can seem impossible to find a way out when we feel overwhelmed by the thoughts in our heads. My hope is that you found these self help techniques for panic attacks helpful and are able to implement one of these three steps into your life.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly it helps relieve feelings of stress or overwhelm because there’s no better time than now to start feeling calmer and happier. Go download my free panic self-help meditation now!