Q: Recently, one of my friends told me all about Reiki and I am truly intrigued. I’ve always been interested in self-healing, particularly for the anxiety that has plagued me since my early teens.

Over the years, I have gone through many traditional treatments for my anxiety. I’ve seen numerous therapists, who have helped me work through issues that have caused my anxiety with cognitive behavioral therapy and talk therapy. I’ve been prescribed medications to help ease my symptoms, but have never fully felt like they had a lasting effect.

Every doctor appointment requires a detailed workaround therapy plan and I have also been seeing a psychologist regularly, which is helpful and insightful, but although she provides some scaffolding, exploring Reiki feels too important too pass up.

Reiki feels like a missing puzzle-piece for my self-healing journey. It totally fits with my scientific belief that the body is capable of healing itself. I know this could be an important opportunity for me to reach a place of peace, balance and harmony within myself, so I’m willing to take the plunge and explore Reiki further.

I’m interested in how Reiki can help me to unlock this spiritual aspect inside of myself, to take on my troubles head first, to observe it from an entirely different view than my regular visits therapies offer, would truly be helpful for me. I want to learn everything that Reiki has to offer and personally comprehend the power it holds.

There is something so special about having a deeper understanding of the energy that surrounds us. I really feel like this would help me to confront my anxiety with a fresh perspective. I’m ready to dive deeply into the root causes of my anxiety and gain insight from an alternative form of therapy. There is so much to learn from Reiki – I believe it will help me uncover more about myself and the power it holds for both mental and physical healing. I’m feeling hopeful about this journey and excited to discover all that awaits!

Where do you recommend I start researching self-healing techniques such as Reiki to address underlying causes of physical and mental health issues like anxiety in a safe and effective way? I’m eager to explore more and find out.

Thank you!

– M


Eva’s response:

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your journey. Reiki is an amazing way to help heal and balance your energy, as well as to give you insight into the deeper aspects of yourself.

Your Reiki journey will be deeply personal, but I recommend you look into accredited teachers and/or schools in your area or online. You can also search for reputable books and websites that discuss Reiki fundamentals and applications. Talk to people in your circle who have experience with Reiki and learn from their stories.

Before starting, it is best to understand the basics of the practice, so look into Reiki’s origin and purpose. The most prevalent lineage of Reiki is Usui, originating from Japan. Usui Reiki is widely used and practiced by many. My own lineage is Tan Ran, developed by William Bagley.

Practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation and visualization to better understand the energy within yourself and around you. You can also join local Reiki circles or look into joining an online community to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from their experiences of self-healing.

Embarking on the journey of Reiki is a truly enlightening and wonderful experience. It can open up a world of possibilities and give you greater insight into your true self, while delivering deep healing to the soul. However, like any spiritual transformation, it isn’t always easy. There will be moments where doubts arise and a darkness may temporarily descend as entrenched belief systems are uprooted and replaced by new ones that make us question our sense of identity.

The journey of Reiki can truly be an amazing experience, as you will access healing for your soul and gain a greater understanding of your true self. However, discovering the power of Reiki does require perseverance and courage, because it can initially be challenging to uproot old belief systems that no longer serve you. In moments of doubt and darkness – like when you question does Reiki really work for anxiety? – be assured that these are part of a necessary process to help you grow spiritually and make sense of the powerful transformation occurring within. 

These can be intense periods of spiritual refinement, but fortunately these dark nights of the soul come with purpose; they offer a powerful opportunity for an individual to fully commit themselves to the teachings of Reiki in order to find their inner power. This process is incredibly important and having the guidance from knowledgeable Reiki masters to light the way is essential for successfully navigating this transformational experience.

Reiki is an incredible form of energy healing that can help you on your path to self-discovery and balance. With research and dedication, you’ll be able to find a qualified teacher or school in your area to get started. Don’t forget to consult with people experienced in Reiki and join online or local communities of like-minded individuals! As you dive deeper into the practice, stay mindful and patient as you uncover all that Reiki has to offer.

As a Reiki practitioner, I am so proud to offer distance healings. Distance healing is an incredible way to access the power of Reiki from wherever you may be located in the world. As a Reiki practitioner, I have seen firsthand how extraordinary this type of healing can be and the profound benefits it can have for people who suffer from anxiety.

May Reiki bring you strength, peace, and clarity.

Wishing you all the best in your exploration and practice,


Eva xo