I’m feeling an electric current in my body

Reader question: I’m feeling an electric current in my body. My body feels like it has an electric current running through it all day, actually. A: I have personally experienced this as well – at it’s worst it felt like my entire body was live with electricity and I was feeling zaps all over the place!

Does reiki really work for anxiety?

Q: Hi Eva, just an enquiry – does reiki really work for anxiety? How is it possible that you can wave your hands around and then I’m instantly cured? It seems really bogus to me and I just want to know how the healing works. Can you tell me what actually happens...

Panic attack heart rate – what is safe?

Q: Hi Eva, what is the highest panic attack heart rate that I’m safe to have? When I panic, my heart beats out of my chest and I can feel myself getting sweaty and dizzy. I’m just wondering what these panic attacks are doing to my body long-term and whether there’s...

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