Does anxiety affect blood sugar? Is it possible that the dizziness, tiredness, swimming head and brain fog are caused by anxiety crashing your sugar levels?

I do get asked this question a lot – “Does anxiety affect blood sugar?” A lot of my anxiety clients come to me and they say, “I feel really dizzy for no reason. I worry I might have hypoglycemia. I feel like I might be pre-diabetic.”

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And that’s because they’re getting a lot of the excessive thirst, the dizziness, the headaches, the lethargy, the nausea that comes along with diabetes and blood sugar levels, low blood sugar levels.

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So the first thing I just want to address is that currently, there is no evidence to link anxiety disorder with getting low blood sugar levels.

That’s to say, it doesn’t mean that because you have low blood sugar levels, you get anxiety or because you have anxiety that you get low blood sugar levels.

There is no direct correlation that way but there are a lot of kind-of sideways correlations that mean that one can feed into the other.

So if you’re asking does anxiety affect blood sugar, it’s not such a silly question.

A lot of the symptoms of anxiety do mimic low blood sugar levels.

So, what I talked about before, the dizziness, the tiredness, the lethargy, the churning stomach, the nausea are symptoms of anxiety and they are also symptoms of low blood sugar levels.

And the other thing is if you do have diabetes or you are prone to blood sugar levels, then stress and anxiety can sometimes mean that you exercise less and eat less because you are anxious and that can have an impact on your blood sugar levels.

So in that context – does anxiety affect blood sugar – yes, it can.

So if you’re diabetic and you tend towards anxiety, it’s worth just knowing that any changes to your diet and your exercise routines can definitely that your blood sugar levels can be impacted by anxiety.

You probably know this anyway, if you’ve been to see your doctor about anxiety they have probably told you that excessive stress can lead to behaviors that aren’t conducive towards having healthy blood sugar levels.

So it’s worth just knowing that if you are prone to low blood sugar levels that anxiety can exacerbate what you already have.

However, if you don’t have diabetes that you’re aware of and you are feeling these symptoms of low blood sugar levels, it’s worth just knowing that symptoms of anxiety in and of themselves can mimic the symptoms of low blood sugar levels.

Does anxiety affect blood sugar? Not quite…

Just because you’re getting these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean that your blood sugar levels are crashing. It can just be that these are symptoms of anxiety that you’re getting.

Acceptance, true acceptance of the symptoms that you’re getting and not reacting to the dizziness and the tiredness and the  nausea in a way of trying to resist them or trying to run from them or trying to fight them truly is the most important thing when you’re trying to get your anxiety symptoms under control.

Does anxiety affect blood sugar? Anxiety cannot cause your blood sugar to crash, but it can mimic a blood sugar crash.

I completely understand that nausea is not fun at all and dizziness is not fun at all and tiredness is terrible.

And of course, you’re going to be looking for ways to try and get over these symptoms to try and move these symptoms out of your life and trying to move on from them by fighting them isn’t the answer.

It will just lead to more stress to more anxiety, more discomfort and worry down the track.

What you need to do, when you’re asking does anxiety affect blood sugar, is really relax your body and accept what you’re going through and accept that it is anxiety that you’re experiencing.

There is no need to try to boost your blood sugar levels or go for a quick chocolate hit or go for a longer term carbohydrate hit in an effort to try and increase your blood sugar levels.

That’s not what you need to be doing at all.

What you need to be doing is taking a step back and just being super nice to yourself, super gentle to yourself and very, very kind to yourself.

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I’m telling you it’s what you need to listen to, to really bring your energy down, to stabilize it, to ground yourself in the earth and to bring your energy to a place where it is still where you can feel balance and you can feel equilibrium in your life.

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Good luck with looking after the dizziness and the nausea and the headaches and the other low blood sugar levels symptoms that you have that are actually related to your anxiety.

Get your energy settled, and the physical symptoms will soon settle as well.

Love + light

Eva xo