Feeling dizzy for no reason? Got vertigo and lightheadedness? Here’s how to calm your sudden dizzy spells that seem to come from nowhere.

I am sure you know what I’m talking about.  Anxiety dizziness seems to just come out of nowhere and it can hit you like a ton of bricks.

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You might experience it as a depersonalization or ‘floaty’ feeling that makes you feel very tired.

The constant swimming head feeling can make you absolutely debilitated.  And the most frustrating thing is there seems to be no cause for it.


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What to do when you feel dizzy from anxiety

Sometimes, the dizziness can accompany a panic attack or an anxiety attack. Other times, it can be the only anxiety symptom that you have, it can come on by itself.

This has happened to me before.

I’ve had vertigo, insomnia and anxiety and there was no reason for it… except anxiety.  It ended up being an anxiety symptom.

So, when you feel dizzy for no reason, there is a definite two-step process that you can follow.

Usually, my processes have three steps but today, we only got two that makes it nice and simple for helping you deal with your dizziness that’s come on because of anxiety.

2 steps to heal dizziness from anxiety or dizzy for no reason

Step 1: Acceptance

Step one is to accept that, rather than just saying you’re dizzy for no reason, your dizziness really is coming from anxiety.

Now, if you need to set your mind at ease that your dizziness isn’t coming from any other reason, by all means, go and consult your doctor and find out what the potential reasons are.

But once you’ve got the confirmation that anxiety is what’s causing your dizziness – and here’s a hint – most of the time, it is.

Coming into accepting that dizziness is the reason for it will really help you.

So, accept it in your mind but also accept it in your body and to do that, you just:

  • deeply surrender into your body
  • relax every muscle
  • lean towards the dizziness being an anxiety symptom
  • let go of your shoulders
  • let go of the muscles in your neck
  • allow yourself to kind of flop and accept the fact that dizziness is what’s causing your anxiety.

Step 2: Grounding

Once you’ve practiced acceptance, I want you to use a technique that I call grounding.

I want you to ground your energy.

I want you to bring your energy back into your body and back into alignment.

You simply imagine tree roots coming out of the soles of your feet travelling down, down, down through the earth, down through all the layers of the earth to connect with the core of the planet.

And what it does is it brings you energy back into your body and it brings it down to your lower chakras to really allow that energy to settle again to give you a feeling of stability and a feeling of alignment so that the dizziness isn’t what controls you.

It’s the feeling of being grounded that overtakes your energy and little by little, the more that you do the grounding meditation, the sooner your dizziness caused by your anxiety will resolve, and you will no longer feel dizzy for no reason.

So there is a third step to stop feeling dizzy for no reason (but it’s not really a third step – I just want you to repeat the 2 steps above.)

You just repeat the acceptance, relaxing your body fully and surrendering to the idea that your dizziness is being caused by anxiety.

Really surrender, relax your shoulders, relax the muscles in your neck, lean towards that idea and then ground your energy.

Or whatever way helps you for grounding.  Some people find that a walk along the beach is really grounding or climbing a tree can be grounding or playing in the garden, digging in the dirt, tending to your veggie patch can also be really, really grounding activities.  Also drinking water is extremely grounding as well.  So those are the different ways that you can also ground your energy.

Finally: I have a Stop dizziness from anxiety energy healing MP3 meditation which you can download for FREE.

Love + light,

Eva xo

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