Can anxiety cause stomach pains?

Can anxiety cause stomach pains? It certainly can. When the energy is knotted in your solar plexus chakra, it is very easy for this to manifest as pain.  I’m often asked whether anxiety can cause stomach pains and I say: YES!! It can also cause nausea, which is more...

How to reduce anxiety at night

Reduce anxiety at night – you know that creeping feeling that comes on around twilight and can end with you waking up in a panic gasping for air?   Learn how to calm and sleep better when you have anxiety by following these simple steps to keep the night time...

Are headaches a symptom of anxiety?

Are headaches a symptom of anxiety? Yes, they absolutely are, they are caused by muscle tension and I have some great tips that really work for relieving those stress headaches.
I’m often asked, “Are anxiety headaches a thing? Is that possible? Can anxiety be the cause for all these headaches that I’ve been having?” And I say yes, Butterfly, absolutely.

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