Wondering what to do when you feel dizzy from anxiety? These tips are guaranteed to calm that off-balance, light-headed feeling.

Dizziness is such a common anxiety symptom. I get people contacting me all the time and letting me know that they are experiencing dizziness, and nausea and the confusion and helplessness that comes with it.

Whether it’s just moments of dizziness or it goes on for days, weeks and months, it’s a truly awful, horrible thing to go through. I’ve experienced it myself. But if you’re unsure what to do when you feel dizzy from anxiety, I’ve got the solution for you.

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I’ve had a few periods of a dizziness from anxiety through my life but I have got some great tips to help you out with your dizziness anxiety today.

I remember one of the times I experienced dizziness from anxiety was when I actually went on a holiday to Bali with my husband. We got to Bali and it’s such a heated place.

There were days we were going to the market and going out for dinner and going to the beach but we were also busy with lots of activities as well.

We took a car to a mountain and went on an elephant ride and basically I needed a holiday to get over my holiday but the issue was, when I landed back in Australia!

I took a few steps off the plane that I felt really, really dizzy and it took me several weeks to get over.

And looking back on that was kind of nothing because I’ve had dizziness periods that have lasted for months which what lead me to launch my course Dizzy No More which I will talk to you about later.

You know dizziness for me has lasted months and months but I don’t want that for you. I don’t want you to have to go through that. It doesn’t have to be that way. So I’m going show you some tips of what you can do to help your dizziness so just stick with me, they’re completely natural.

Even if you are getting your dizziness evaluated for other causes, there’s absolutely no harm in trying these tips because they’ll definitely help you. The chances are, your dizziness is caused by anxiety, anyway.

What to do when you feel dizzy from anxiety – Tip number 1: Always, always ground yourself.

Ground your energy. That is first thing that I teach anyone coming to me for their anxiety.

First things first, you’ve know how to ground yourself.

So you do that by:

Imagining a ball of while light above your head, it’s like a sphere of white light, perfect pure white light above your head.

I want you to bring that down to your crown chakra and then into your brow chakra and bring it down into your throat.

Then bring it into your heart chakra and then I want you to bring it down to you solar plexus chakra that’s located just above your belly button.

Bring it down into your sacral chakra which is in your pelvic reproductive area.

And then I want you to bring it down into your base chakra which is at the bottom of your spine.

Then I want you to bring it down your legs, bring that white light down through your legs and two feet and then feet level flat on the ground.

I want you to see that white light, and turn it into three roots. These are perfectly pure white three roots that come out through the bottom of your feet down to the floor.

Then they go down through your carpet or the wood or the cement, down into the dirt, down past the grass, rocks, pebbles, down into all the layers of the earth and of the planet.

Going down, down, down, down, down, to connect with the core of the earth.

And if you just give it a minute, there, you’ll feel the actual moment when you connect with the core of the earth.

It just feels like a lightbulb has been switched on. It feels like a connection. It feels like some has really happened when you made that connection and when you have become grounded.

But if you’re not feeling it yet, keep the faith. Instead of looking for other options of  what to do when you feel dizzy from anxiety, just sit with it and wait until you feel the connection.


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Tip number 2: Reconnect to your true self

Once you feel that connection, it’s time to move on to the next step which is reconnecting with your self, your true self.

Many people see life as a series of events, made up of people in your life and the things that you do, your work, your job, your kids, your partner, your friends, family and all the drama that comes with all of that, all busyness of life that comes with having your busy life and being a busy person.

But that is not what life is about.

All of that stuff in your life is what keeps you busy, but it’s all a distraction.

When the truth sits, and where real life exists, is in within yourself.

So find that spark of yourself – that spark of your true self.

Some people call it their source or their soul. I often find it in my heart chakra, in my chest, in my solar plexus chakra, it’s like a flame or a spark that’s always there no matter what.

And if you get really calm, really still, and turn your attention inwards, you’ll be able to find where you are in your body and you are able to connect with that energy.

Again, it’s something that you definitely feel when you connect with, because it just feels like pure truth is washed over you.

So just take a minute to feel that connection. And when it’s there, you know it and you feel it.

“So what does this do that help my anxiety?” you ask.

Well, you are made up of a lot of different systems. You got body system, you got your mental system, you also got your energetic system.

So your energy system is it kind of like a blueprint of your body, but it’s where all of your energy blocks sit.

A perfectly healed energetic system will have no blocks in it and energy can circulate around it and through it and out of it perfectly without an issue.

An energy body that has got lots of blocks in it is when you start experiencing the symptoms of anxiety, dizziness and pins and needles and that kind of thing.

In this instance, dizziness is really caused by a lack of grounding and a lack of feeling stable and whole.

So grounding and reconnecting are really important steps in re-stabilizing to bring that calm and peace.

You might not feel it immediately.

You might need to do it several times over several days but you will feel the difference when you start doing this energy work on yourself. I promise you.

What is there really to lose by just trying it? You’re searching for answers for what to do when you feel dizzy from anxiety anyway; it can’t hurt you, it can’t harm you, it can’t harm anyone.

Just try it and see what the results are like.

I bet you’ll feel a lot calmer, a lot more steady and a lot more peaceful. A lot more in-control and a lot less dizzy.

Tip 3: Listen to my anxiety dizziness meditation

When you’re not sure what to do when you feel dizzy from anxiety, listen to my Stop Dizziness from Anxiety meditation. This is like cherry on the cake. It’s absolutely free.

It takes you through a guided meditation that’s super grounding for you. It’s the guided meditation that was channeled to me when I was going through a period of dizziness that was so bad.

It was a period of dizziness that went for months and months and months for me, and I just remember sitting outside begging God for a solution to my dizziness.

I’d been to my doctor. My doctor kept sending me away saying “Come back next month. Come back next month.” Things weren’t getting any better.

I needed to get control of the dizziness because it just wasn’t able to be the mother that I wanted to be.

Almost as soon as I requested the healing, I got it.

So my Stop Dizziness from Anxiety meditation is a really deep, grounding meditation that contains an extra vibration which will really, really ground you to the core of the earth.

I also have a new course – Dizzy No More. This is a super-deep meditation program, which takes only a few minutes a day and you can integrate it into your everyday life.

If you feel like you want to take the next step to sort out your dizziness now, but also make sure that your dizziness does not happen again, then I definitely recommend Dizzy No More.