Could anxiety cause dizziness? That constant swimming head feeling, the swirling lightheadedness?

Could the dizziness for no reason really be anxiety?

The answer is YES – here’s what I personally did to stop dizziness from anxiety, naturally.


Dizzy No More – get steady, grounded and clear

What to do when you feel dizzy from anxiety


could anxiety cause dizziness

It was a Friday night. Actually – it was the 29th of April, 2016.

Matt (husby) was working overnight and I had made the last-minute decision to throw my son a Birthday party.

We had been so busy, and sickness had plagued us for the previous few months (all of us – we just seemed to be getting any cough, cold or flu going around).

To be honest, I really wanted to just have a quiet little celebration, just the 4 of us at home – but guilt got me.

So I decided, this Friday night, after working all week (up at 5am each day and going to be well after 11pm), that I would bake my boy a Birthday cake.

I was like a pinball, whirling about, vacuuming the floor, typing on my laptop, answering emails and Facebook messages, mopping, having a shower, wrapping gifts and preparing multiple gourmet treats for the party the next day.

I walked into the kitchen and bent forward to pull a plastic container out of a lower cupboard, and that was when I felt it.

I little woozy, a little lightheaded, definitely dizzy.

It wasn’t the first time I’d experienced it that week – in fact, I think the vertigo was creeping in for some time.

But it was the first time I stood there and thought “Whoa – I’m really dizzy!”

My next thought was “I don’t have time for this! I have a part to prepare!”

So on I went, decorating cakes and setting jellies, in–between working on my blog post and cleaning the house.

It all got done (it always gets done, doesn’t it?!) and I probably hit the hay around 2am.

I remember feeling like the bed was swirling and rocking as I tried to get some much-needed sleep. It was all just vertigo, insomnia and anxiety.

My head felt as heavy as a rock, the pressure causing a weird pulsing sensation in my shoulders.

Next day was the party, and I was way too busy to think about my problems. I had guests to entertain!

That’s one of the things about social anxiety – you always worry that you will offend someone accidentally.

So I over-compensate by being The Best Hostess In The World.

The last of the guests left and I sat down, clinging to the kitchen table.

“I feel dizzy,” I told my husband. “It’s been creeping in for some time now.”

So I let it go for a month, before I went to see my doctor (1 June).

She told me to come back to her in 2 months.

Over the next month, the dizziness got worse. So I went back to my doctor again (1 July.)

She told me that my 2-months needed to start again, so she didn’t want to see me again until 1 September at the earliest.

She admitted she couldn’t answer my question:

“Why am I dizzy?”

She couldn’t answer me for certain.

She said it was most likely caused by an inner-ear disturbance which meant the calcium crystals in my inner ear – the ones that help me sense my balance – we disturbed.

From the amount of physical movement I had been doing – whirling and swirling about the place from work to school drop-offs and pick-ups plus the same for daycare, as well as swimming lessons for the kids, and speech therapy, and running a business and seeing clients, it’s no wonder my crystals were disturbed.

But I don’t think that was the only reason.

The weird, airy-fairy, almost out-of-body feeling I had told me that I was experiencing something at an energetic level as well as a physical level.

It was a feeling of general ungroundedness, like I wasn’t quite in my usual place in space and time.

dizziness caused by anxiety

It sort of felt like I wasn’t quite inside my body, my head was swimming and I just didn’t feel all-there.

My brain felt foggy and it was hard to put one thought in front of the other – I kept getting caught up in loops of micro-thoughts and weird levels of detail that prevented me from staying the course to get to a solid, reasonable, logical conclusion to simple everyday questions ( – such as “Should I buy the 3Litre or 2Litre bottle of milk?”).

And where the energetic crosses the physical, the emotional is bound to be involved as well.

So that leads to the question…

Could anxiety cause dizziness?

And the short answer is yes.

Yes – anxiety, by it’s nature, causes that weird ungrounded feeling and can definitely, absolutely, 100% certainly cause dizziness.

Because anxiety is caused by a lack of grounding – a lack of sureness.

Energetically, anxiety happens when your energy attaches to the energy of material, finite things and not to the core of the earth itself.

So if you spend time worrying about what is happening at work, what someone else thinks about you or anything at all about the future – you are effectively embedding your energy and trying to get it to take root in shadows.

The ONLY energy you can be certain of here on planet earth is the energy of the actual earth itself.

Nature, being outside, swimming, playing in mud or swimming in water – are all very grounding activities.

What can you do about dizziness caused by anxiety?

The first step is the true acceptance that your dizziness is indeed caused by anxiety, and that can only be done by going to see your doctor and being examined.

Of course, my doctor wasn’t able to give me a definite answer, but she was reassuring in her guidance that “these things usually settle down with time.”

And I totally, totally understand that when you are experiencing vertigo caused by anxiety, having to wait it out is excruciating!

Asking a person with anxiety to be patient is asking the near-impossible.

Which is why acceptance – true acceptance that the dizziness is caused by anxiety and will subside once you have restored the balance in your energy field is the first step to the solution I will outline for you below.

To accept, you need to drop all of the tension you feel in your body whenever you think about your vertigo.

Try it now: Think about your vertigo – and now notice your physical symptoms.

You probably feel extra dizzy by thinking about it, you are probably feeling tired, your shoulders full of tension.

Relax into all of those sensations – allow them to be there. Embrace them.

Welcome them.

It probably feels quite alien and different if this is the first time you have practiced acceptance of these symptoms – so practice acceptance towards this new, uncomfortable, unsure feeling as well.

I know it probably feels like I’m asking the impossible – to relax and allow those sensations to be there, especially when you feel like you are teetering on the brink, like any small nudge will tip you over the edge.

But trust me with this. It’s the first step to getting your balance back.

how to deal with dizziness from anxiety

How to stop dizziness from anxiety:

This energy healing exercise was intuitively delivered to me by my guides when I asked for help at the height of my vertigo caused by anxiety. I recorded this exercise as a free MP3 download as well – download it for free here.

I was sitting outside in my back garden, catching a sun break and my bare feet were nestled in the grass.

I consciously asked the Universe to please give me something to make me feel steady, and this is what I got:

Begin by sitting comfortably, either on the floor with your back supported by a wall or on a high-backed chair.

It is important that you are sitting upright for this exercise, with both your head and back supported.

Hands resting comfortably on your legs, palms facing upwards.

Close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath in and out.

Get a picture in your mind of what your energy currently looks like.

See your energy around you.

See, if you can, where your dizziness sits within your energy field.

If you can’t see anything, just relax and breathe. Feel what you can feel.

When you can sense your dizziness within your energy, you are then able to get control of it.

In your mind’s eye, gather the dizzy energy from wherever it is scattered in your energy field and bring it to the top of your aura – at the top of your head.

Open your crown chakra, which is at the top of your head, and bring this energy down into it.

See this energy as it comes in through your crown and works it’s way down through your head, neck, chest, tummy and eventually down to the root chakra at the base of your spine.

Allow a moment for all of this energy to trickle down through your chakras, and wait for it to feel settled down in your pelvis.

The energy stays here, while it grows roots that run down your legs, out of the soles of your feet, down into the floor or ground beneath your feet, down into the earth.

The roots continue down into the dirt – through all of the layers of the earth and keep going until they connect with the core of the planet.

Feel this connection. You are now re-grounded.

Now I want you to bring your attention back to your crown chakra again – the place where you first welcomed this energy to become re-grounded and integrated into your aura.

Your crown chakra is open, and a beam of white light radiates upwards, connecting with the crystal pure white light of the heavens.

You are now completely connected between heaven and earth and are ready to receive the energy for healing and integrating your anxiety and dizzy spells.

Through the heavenly white light, a spiral of copper-coloured energy slowly revolves it’s way down into your energy field.

You feel your crown chakra relaxing and accepting this very earthing and grounding gift from the universe.

The spiral extends downwards, remaining connected to the heavens and embedded in your crown chakra, while it grows to reach the other energy centres in your body.

The energy gently rotates downwards from your crown chakra, like the ribbon of a screw, and it works its way down through your brow chakra, throat chakra, solar plexus, reproductive chakra and down into your root chakra.

This energy has the effect of a screw as well, connecting your chakras in alignment with the intention of grounding to the core of the earth.

Once all of this energy has cycled down through all of your chakras, feel it then work it’s way down into the ground beneath you.

The copper spiral slowly twines it’s way through the layers of the earth , winding down to connect with the earth’s core.

This copper energy will reinforce your grounding as you heal from your dizzy spells.

Remain seated, until you feel that the energy is completely grounded. You will feel solid and stable – some dizziness may remain but this will resolve soon with continued commitment to grounding the healing energy.

Remember: This isn’t an instant cure – the work you have done is a gentle yet powerful realignment of your energy. You have consciously embedded this energy into the earth, but it may take a few days to fully become grounded.

I do recommend repeating the above exercise at least once a day to really reinforce the intention that you want to ground your energy.

And remember that the above energy healing exercise to stop dizziness from anxiety is available as a free MP3 download – so you can take it with you anywhere and do the exercise any time you like.

If you have any questions about whether could anxiety cause dizziness or would like to share your story, please leave a comment below or contact me – I’d love to hear from you.

Love + light

PS: Download my free energy healing MP3 meditation to stop dizziness from anxiety now – I promise it will really, really help you.