Depersonalization, also known as dissociation or derealization, is an anxiety symptom which gives you a floating, dizzy feeling and a sense of unreality… and makes you exhausted. Here’s why.

Today I want to talk to you about depersonalization (or derealization) and why it makes you feel like you’re floating out of your body.


Overcoming depersonalization and feelings of unreality

Stop Dizziness from Anxiety – energy healing MP3 meditation

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It makes you feel like you are going perhaps around about a metre or so above your head or feeling basically disconnected from your body and from reality in itself.

This particular anxiety symptom can make people feel very, very tired when they come out of it.

I’m talking about derealization, depersonalization, dissociation, and the reason why it happens from an energetic perspective (hint: it’s got nothing to do with your blood sugar level). I also have tips you can use to stop getting so tired from it, reducing the impact that it has on your life.

Step 1: Understand that depersonalization is happening because you are ungrounded.

So, when I say, “ungrounded,” I mean it’s like the energetic anchor that your body has that keeps you anchored to the earth, has gone away and that leads to that airy-fairy floating feeling in your head and sometimes, the dizziness and the tiredness that it can bring.

Just understanding that that’s the reason for depersonalization, it’s a lack of connection and a lack of grounding that’s causing this to happen in your body, that’s really the first step to getting back into your body and feeling a little bit more solid and little bit more present within yourself.

Step 2: Ground your energy. Anchor it into the ground. It’s not uncommon for this to be a completely new feeling.

There’s many different ways that you can get grounded. I personally like to spend time outside.  I like to hang out in nature. I particularly like trees and I like the ocean and those parts of nature when I connect with them, I can feel my energy coming back into my body and resettling into my physical body. I can feel the energy coming back into my cells again.

Other ways that you can ground?  Drinking water, doing something that you really enjoy.  Some people find by doing puzzles or doing the crossword really engages their mind and engages their energy and is a really grounding activity for them. So you can give that a try.

I have a free Grounding Meditation that you can listen to and I take you through step by step how to ground your energy.  It’s a visualization that involves tree roots going out of your feet, down to connect with the core of the earth.  It’s really, really great and I received some excellent feedback on it from people who have experienced depersonalization.  I’m just saying that it makes them feel a bit more in themselves again, back in their bodies again.

Step 3: Protect your energy field with white light

To prevent depersonalization, you need to protect your energy. Once you’ve grounded your energy and you’ve got that connection with the core of the earth, you want to make sure that nothing can get in the way to break that energetic connection again. So you want to imagine yourself and your energy in a bubble of white light and this type of white light inside this bubble is 100% pure healing energy. Only good stuff.  And it’s perfectly aligned to your own energy, it’s 100% good for you.  I have a free White light protection meditation that you can download and listen to, which will guide you through the steps you need to take to protect your energy field.

Depersonalization affirmation: It is safe to be in my body.
If you’re finding that derealization is making you super, super tired, you need to:

  1. Understand that a lack of grounding is what’s causing your derealization in the first place
  2. Take steps to ground your energy
  3. Once you’re grounded, protect your energy with white light.

I should add that when you ground yourself, you probably won’t feel 100% back in your body right away but that will come over time and the more you do the grounding exercise, the more effective it is.  Do that over time and just take the time yourself out of your day to really focus on grounding that energy down and then once you’ve grounded it, protect yourself as well. Over time, you will become more grounded and those derealization issues will gradually and slowly but surely resolve over time with grounding and protection of your energy.

Love + light

Eva xo