I’ve had vertigo, insomnia and anxiety for years, on and off.

To say I’m past the point of wanting it gone is an understatement!

I find the vertigo gets worse during times of stress – for example, when COVID19 first hit I was glued to my bed and it felt like my bedroom was spinning.


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The constant news reports didn’t help either.

My sleep was so restless.

I felt like Alice in Wonderland, falling down the hole with the world swirling around me and news reports from the day echoing around my head.

There were nights when I felt too stressed to even try falling asleep so I would stay up late and watch Netflix.

It seems after those late nights I would wake up dizzier than ever. Disoriented and anxious.

I’ve been to see my doctor who, who tested my blood sugar – results came back normal.

Eva, I need your advice on how I can make my vertigo and insomnia disappear.


Eva’s response: 

Hey Jaclyn, thanks for reaching out. Vertigo, insomnia and anxiety often travel together as pack. The anxiety causes the vertigo, and that stresses you out so you get insomnia. Or, anxiety causes insomnia which leads to vertigo from an overtired mind and energy system.

Any way you look at it, the anxiety comes first. And at first you might not know what’s caused your anxiety. Many peoples’ anxiety has no root cause.

Anxiety happens when your mind, body and energetic system are under stress for a prolonged period of time, causing fatigue.

Over time, the fatigue becomes worse, causing symptoms such as the vertigo and insomnia you’re describing. It can even manifest as flu-like symptoms!

In your energy system, vertigo is related to the crown chakra. Dizziness happens when fatigue causes your thoughts to become scattered, going round in circles. It happens when you’ve been so busy, you haven’t had time to take for yourself to assess your direction in life.

To combat the vertigo, I recommend you set aside some time to become deeply grounded and focus on opening your crown chakra to allow insights to flow in. Then, take some time to think about your direction and whether your life right now reflects the direction you want to go in. You may want to use a journal to take notes of what you want. My Stop dizziness from anxiety meditation will also be helpful to you.

Energetically, insomnia happens when you haven’t let go of old baggage. Past hurts and traumas, even small ones, block you energetically from being able to release and relax into a deep sleep.

Insomnia is made worse by feelings of not being ready for the next day, or future. It’s a self-sustaining cycle because being unable to let go of the past means there’s no room to prepare for the future.

I recommend keeping a journal and taking 5 minutes before bed to write about anything that comes into your mind. Write it, release it, and set the intention that it is perfectly safe to move into tomorrow.

This will help to release the vertigo, insomnia and anxiety. My Anxiety, worry and sleep guided meditation will also help you.

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