Always taking things to heart? Here are my top 3 hypersensitvity tips to become easy-breezy and stop taking life too seriously.

If you’re an anxious lady, it is highly likely that you are what we call hypersensitive.

This is a good thing in some ways because it means you’re very in tune with your own emotions and the emotions of other people.

The not so great part of it is that sometimes, it can lead to being a little bit overblown with your emotions and feeling a little bit oversensitive.

This can lead to you taking everything to heart, taking everything way too seriously and just taking everything as if it’s a personal attack on you.

In today’s blog, I just want to outline some steps that you can take to just get a lighter attitude to life to take things less personally – to not take everything so much to heart and to just let everything roll off you a bit more easily.

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Step 1: Mindfully relax your body

The first step is to understand that when you are prone to anxiety, your body is in a pattern where you’re holding a lot of stress and tension.

And because this is a habit, you’re probably not aware that you’re even doing it but a good hint, if you’re feeling  a lot of aches and pains regularly, is that is due to tension and holding too much stress and anxiety in your body.

It’s a protective mechanism and it’s pretty natural if you’re feeling pain or if you feel like you’re about to feel some pain  – this can be emotionally as well as physically.

You try to brace yourself, you try to hold and stop that pain from happening.  It’s completely natural – no need to blame yourself. It’s just your body’s normal reaction.

But becoming aware of it is really key and very important when adopting more of that easygoing attitude to life.

So I really want you to really mindfully relax your body and you do that by bringing attention to where you are holding the anxiety.

And again, think of the areas where you’re feeling pain, think of the areas that do feel stiff, do feel sore.

For me, it tends to be my shoulders.

So, just mindfully bring the attention there and relax it all down.

Do this throughout your body for every part of your body where you are feeling tension, where you’re feeling like you’re locked up, where you’re feeling pain – bring that energy of relaxation and mindfully relax it all down.

Step 2: Ground your energy

The next step is to bring yourself very peacefully into the here and now by being mindful of where you are – say “Yes, I’m here right now, in this place right now.”

And then you put your feet flat on the ground and you actually imagine tree roots coming out of the bottom of your feet and they go down through the ground, down through the earth, down through the dirt, down through all the layers of the earth and connect with the core of the earth.

And you feel the energy calming down – down, down, down through all of your chakras and settling.  It’s a really settled energy once you’ve done this.

I have a grounding meditation that you can download for free that will guide you through how to do this in a very easy and safe and really effective way.

Step 3: Protect your energy with white light

The next step after you’ve grounded your energy is to bring in the energy of protection and imagine yourself in a bubble of perfect, pure white light.

Now, when you’re in this place, nothing that anyone can say to you can get to you.

You’re completely protected, you’re completely surrounded, you’re in an absolute bubble of pure healing energy and no negativity can possibly break through that and get in there.

And when you’re in this bubble of white light, it’s perfectly safe to be relaxed and to be happy and to not take things as personally.

You’re in a place where you are able to allow thoughts to just go past you and just bypass you without needing to engage them without needing to give them a story or give them extra life to hold on to them.

While you’re in this place where you’re surrounded by beautiful healing reiki energy, there is no need to grab on to what someone might be saying to you.

You could just sit there and allow yourself to be completely relaxed and completely at ease and to just, whatever someone might say to you, whatever you might read, to just let that go past you nice and easily and calmly.

I have a free White light protection meditation which guides you through how to protect yourself with this perfect white light that keeps you completely safe and completely secure.

Letting go and chilling out

When you follow these three steps – releasing the tension, grounding your energy and putting yourself into a bubble of white light – it really brings your energy into a place where you are already safe, where you’re already protected.

So that protective mechanism of needing to hold on to things or be tensed about things is no longer there.

You are really allowing yourself to be protected and to be insulated in a way which is completely safe and completely aligned with healing your anxiety.

You are healing your anxiety by allowing that tension to melt away, by grounding your energy and by bringing beautiful protective energy into your energy field.

You no longer need to be consciously holding on to things or holding on to resentment which you’re just using as a protective mechanism anyway.

It’s beautiful and it’s aligned and the more you do this, the easier that it becomes and the more that you will just find yourself adopting it and using it in your everyday life without any need to use effort or without any need to consciously do it.

It will just become an everyday part of your life so I do urge you to practice this, to release the tension, to ground your energy and to hold yourself in a bubble of white light.

And while you are in this bubble of white light, everything is just safe to just breeze past you.

And you will find yourself just becoming more easygoing, happy-go-lucky, breezy type of person who doesn’t take things to heart so much and who doesn’t take things so personally.

Download my free guided meditations for anxiety. They will really, really help you ease every part of anxiety in your life.

Love + Light

Eva xo

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